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Top 5 Things To Do in Hong Kong with Toddlers

Our little family of 3 recently took a trip to Hong Kong. It was a very much anticipated trip because it was our first time to travel out of the country by ourselves – just me, Brian and Owen. To make things “easier” and more enjoyable for all of us, I planned out our itinerary in such a way that there would be rest times so our little toddler can sleep or take a break. Considering how busy and lively Hong Kong is, here are my top 5 things to do in the city with a toddler.



Hong Kong Disneyland is a must if you are traveling with a toddler or even older kids. I myself wouldn’t miss a chance to visit this magical place. There is something about the air in Disneyland that makes people feel happy.


Make sure you take time to watch all the stage shows in Disneyland. As of writing this post, they currently have The Festival of the Lion King and Mickey’s Wondrous Book (a replacement for The Golden Mickeys). Owen had a really good time watching these shows. He was calling out the names of the characters and even tried to sing along. It was such a joy to watch.

Playing with Pluto 🙂
Owen showing his toy car to Sleeping Beauty 🙂

And since Owen is still too small to go on some rides, we still managed to hop on some attractions like the  Art of Animation, Jungle River Cruise, It’s A Small World, the Fairy Tale Forest, Slinky Dog Spin, and even Mystic Manor (could be a bit scary for small kids).

Make sure you also catch the parades and the fireworks. Owen slept through the Flights of Fantasy parade because it was his naptime but he had a blast watching the “Disney Paint the Night” Nighttime Spectacular. He was so ecstatic upon seeing Lightning McQueen and Mack.

Food in Hong Kong Disneyland is quite expensive. But we managed to score free meals by taking advantage of booking our tickets online through the Hong Kong Disneyland website. They had a special offer called Play and Dine that gives you a park ticket and a free combo meal. We were able to save around HK$300!


Ocean Park is not just for thrill seekers who have a craving for extreme rides. Toddlers can also enjoy this theme park because they have so many kid-friendly attractions and exhibits. Come in early to fully enjoy the whole park because it’s so big. Your toddler’s little legs might get tired with walking and running around so make sure you also bring a stroller or rent one from the park.


We started off our tour of Ocean Park by visiting the Grand Aquarium. Owen was so happy seeing a real “Nemo” and “Dory”. He was able to learn and identify new underwater animals like sharks, seahorses, crabs and starfish.

We were also able to visit the Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures attraction where we saw the Sichuan Golder Snub-nosed monkeys Le Le and Qi Qi. Sadly, there’s only one panda left in this exhibit. Jia Jia, the world’s oldest panda, died in October. An An was the only giant panda we saw but he was sleeping in his den.

There is also a playground area at the Whiskers Harbour. Make sure to drop by this area if you want your kid to run around and play. Owen really enjoyed the slides in this playground. A lot of kid-friendly rides and attractions are also concentrated in this area like Toto the Loco train ride, a Merry-Go-Round, and Frog Hopper.

We also enjoyed the Emperors of the Sky at the Amazing Bird Theatre which gave us up close encounters with extraordinary birds of prey.

Of course, you have to ride the cable car. We went up Ocean Park’s Summit by riding the cable car. But since it’s nearing Owen’s nap time, he got sleepy in this ride.


There are also so many attractions up in the Summit. Make sure you watch the dolphin and sea lion show at the Ocean Theatre and also visit the Polar Adventure exhibits – Arctic Fox Den, North Pole Encounter and South Pole Spectacular.

For our Ocean Park Tickets, we purchased it through Klook. The package included a one-way transfer and a combo meal. I really suggest you scour the web for deals like this because it can save you a lot of money since food is also expensive in Ocean Park.



Riding the Peak Tram is a thrill in itself. Owen was so excited to ride the “choo choo train” up the Peak. To avoid the long lines, we purchased the Peak Tram Fast-Track Combo through Klook. The Peak Tram station really gets a lot of visitors and if you’re putting this in your itinerary, make sure you get a fast-track pass to avoid the long lines. Your toddler will thank you for it. We also went up early because the Peak Tram station gets packed in the afternoon and towards the night.



I was initially hesitating to get tickets to the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum because I was unsure if Owen will enjoy it. But Brian insisted because he liked to see the Marvel exhibit. We also purchased our tickets through Klook, combo-ed with the Peak Tram tickets.

Owen was a little bit unsure at first when he saw the wax figures but he eventually warmed up and even volunteered to get his pictures taken. He absolutely loved taking a picture with Queen Elizabeth II, William Shakespeare, Taylor Swift, Doraemon, Madonna (because of the drum set), Audrey Hepburn and Stephen Curry.


Toy shopping is one of the best activities a toddler would enjoy. You don’t necessarily have to buy them toys. You can pick one or two that is within your budget and  your little tot would be more than happy with glee.

Owen enjoyed the toy shops in Hong Kong Disneyland. We initially thought that he would throw a tantrum if he didn’t get the toy he wanted but he was content enough to just get a Cars themed egg surprise. But we got him a Cars toy set which was at 50% off, a very good deal.


You can also visit Toys ‘R Us. We visited the one in Harbour City on our last night. It was also a nice mall since they had a lot of shops and the view outside is also spectacular.

Hong Kong may be a very busy city for a little toddler but there are definitely kid-friendly places you can explore and enjoy.

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