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TORI ICHI Yakitori and Bar: Our New Favorite Japanese Restaurant in the South

My husband and I love Japanese food. Whenever we would have a chance to eat out, it’s almost always in a Japanese restaurant. So when we discovered that there’s a new Japanese place in Festival Mall, we were more than thrilled to check it out (beside the fact that it was Brian’s birthday).


Tori Ichi is located in the ground floor of Festival Mall’s newest wing. The restaurant has that modern yet cozy vibe which I really like. I was already expecting that their menu would be limited to rice meals and grilled meat and veggies but to my surprise, they also have sashimi, sushi, maki, ramen and noodles.

Brian and I were so hungry so we ordered food right away. It was a bit difficult to choose from their menu since it was our first time in their restaurant. I felt like I wanted to try everything! But Brian warned me not to go overboard because we might end up not eating everything. Hehe. After taking our order, our server gave us some hot towels to sanitize our hands with. This was also such a nice plus for this restaurant.

Hot Towels are given out to guests before eating

While waiting for our food, our server also gave us some dried anchovies for our appetizer. It was for free! Brian and I each got a small plate of this sweet and spicy treat. I also asked for some hot tea, which was also for free.

Dried Anchovies are served while waiting for the food

We didn’t have to wait that long for our food to get served. I really wasn’t able to track of the time because I was busy looking at the interiors while munching on the free dried anchovies. Our Tuna Sashimi arrived first and I was sooo excited to try it out because I was craving for sashimi for how many days already.

Tori Ichi’s Tuna Sashimi at P250.00

My craving was making my mouth water with so much excitement. I like my sashimi with a little wasabi and dipped in soy sauce. I gobbled one piece right away. I must say that I’ve had better tuna sashimi in other restaurants. Tori Ichi’s Tuna Sashimi was just okay. I guess it’s because it was served too cold? I really don’t know but it somehow lacked that melt-in-your-mouth sensation I was looking for in sashimi.

Tori Ichi’s Yakitori Set Meal at P380.00

Brian’s Yakitori Set Meal came next. It included an egg rice bowl, miso soup, and 4 Yakitori sticks – butabara (grilled pork belly), hasami, uzura tamago (quail eggs), and asparagus bacon. It also came with matcha ice cream which we shared after our meal. Brian really enjoyed his meal except for the half-cooked egg. Hehe. He’s not a big fan of half-cooked eggs so I suggested that he just mix it with the rice. The steaming hot rice helped cook the egg further.

Tori Ichi’s Tonkotsu Ramen at P360.00

My order came next. I got the Tonkotsu Ramen. It was a big bowl but I was hungry so I finished the whole thing. Their Tonkotsu Ramen was a bit spicy which made it taste even better. I like how the spice cuts through the creamy and rich soup. Their noodles were also very filling and I like the smoky taste of the sliced pork.

Tori Ichi’s Tebasaki (Grilled Chicken Wings) at P85.00 each

We also ordered Tori Ichi’s Tebasaki which is grilled chicken wings. They had a Buy 1 Take 1 promo on all yakitori so we got two sticks for the price of one 🙂 I recommend you get the yakitori in Tare Sauce. It gave the yakitori that nice balance of sweet, salty and savory.

Matcha Ice Cream, came with the Yakitori Set Mea

Then for dessert, Brian and I shared a scoop of matcha ice cream which came with the Yakitori Set Meal. It was the perfect ending to our filling meal.

Overall, we really enjoyed eating at Tori Ichi. Aside from their good food, the service was also amazing. I love how our server was very attentive to our needs. He also knows the menu well and was able to answer our questions about the food. We will be eating here again and we will bring Owen next time. I’m sure Owen would love to try out their food as well.


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