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New Home :-)

New Home :-)
Hi Everyone! I’m moving my blog to a new home 🙂 see you there!
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Hello 2017!

Happy New Year!

2016 was really a rollercoaster ride for me. Full of exhilirating loops, breathtaking dives, and exciting rises. It was indeed a year of deepening my faith in God and holding on to him no matter what.


In today’s Tuesday Reflections, let me share with you how 2016 was a year of “walking-on-water” with Jesus for me. 2016 was definitely a faith-deepening year for me and it is my prayer that you will be somehow inspired to face your new year with my story.

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Holi-DIY Crochet Peppermint Coasters FREE PATTERN


The holidays are here! I’m kicking off the season with a HOLI-DIY series which features some quick craft projects that you can do this Christmas. I’m really excited to share with you this first project that I made for this special series which is a Crochet Peppermint Coaster. The pattern for this project was originally authored by Wendy Bennet. But I made some slight alterations to it because I want the coasters to have a more solid structure.

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Top 5 Things To Do in Hong Kong with Toddlers

Our little family of 3 recently took a trip to Hong Kong. It was a very much anticipated trip because it was our first time to travel out of the country by ourselves – just me, Brian and Owen. To make things “easier” and more enjoyable for all of us, I planned out our itinerary in such a way that there would be rest times so our little toddler can sleep or take a break. Considering how busy and lively Hong Kong is, here are my top 5 things to do in the city with a toddler.


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TORI ICHI Yakitori and Bar: Our New Favorite Japanese Restaurant in the South

My husband and I love Japanese food. Whenever we would have a chance to eat out, it’s almost always in a Japanese restaurant. So when we discovered that there’s a new Japanese place in Festival Mall, we were more than thrilled to check it out (beside the fact that it was Brian’s birthday).


Tori Ichi is located in the ground floor of Festival Mall’s newest wing. The restaurant has that modern yet cozy vibe which I really like. I was already expecting that their menu would be limited to rice meals and grilled meat and veggies but to my surprise, they also have sashimi, sushi, maki, ramen and noodles.

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[NEW SERIES] Tuesday Reflections: Overcoming Times of Uncertainty

Hello there!

Today, I want to start a new series called Tuesday Reflections  🙂 It’s going to be an inspirational/devotional post where I get to share some of my personal thoughts about life, being a wife, motherhood, etc. My prayer is that through this blog, I get to share with you the amazing things God has in store for all of us. (And, also, I think this would be a good exercise and discipline for me to write more regularly…hihihi).

Read on 🙂


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A Mom’s New Best Friend: Mommy Manual on GMA News TV

Two weeks ago, I got invited to attend the media launch of the new parenting lifestyle show, Mommy Manual. I didn’t know what to expect during the event because it was my first time to attend a launch representing just myself (and this blog) but I was really excited. So this must be how it feels like to be legit blogger. Insert shy emoticon here.

Mommy Manual premieres on June 20, 2016 at 8:30AM on GMA News TV

Mommy Manual is a weekly 30-minute parenting lifestyle show that will premiere this June 20 at 8:30AM on GMA News TV and on GMA Life TV. It can also be watched online through It is hosted by celebrity mommies Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio and Chesca Kramer. Mommy blogger and interior stylist Marilen Faustino-Montenegro will also join the show.

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My 2nd Anniversary of Being a Mom

Wow. Time does fly fast. Looking back at the pictures and videos we took, I can barely remember each day that passed by. But I miss the baby breath. I miss the coos. I miss the chubby phase. I miss the time when he would just lie down or roll over. A new phase has now officially begun. Owen is now two.

When Brian and I had Owen, I tried my best to research and to talk to people about being a parent. But I realized that it is not enough. Parenting is not just about stacking knowledge about certain do’s and dont’s. It doesn’t just stop after you’ve read a parenting book or after you’ve attended a parenting seminar. It’s a daily and lifelong commitment to your child. There are days when I would just smile and look at Owen and think that I must be doing a good job. But there are also tough days like when I would regret yelling at Owen just because he took out bowls, spoons and cups from the cabinet or when I would get mad at him because he played play-dough on the carpet. I really don’t like the tough days. It makes me feel bad about myself. Oh, the ups and downs of being a parent.

But I do learned a lot. It’s amazing how a child can teach me so many things about life. Things that I’ve forgotten. Things that I needed to accept. Things that need time.

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There are two things in this world that I terribly miss since I became a mom. Books and Travel. Ever since our little bundle of joy came into this world, squeezing in time to settle down and read a good book and traveling (out of town or country) have both become a luxury. Juggling house chores, freelance work, and taking care of my husband Brian and baby Owen has left me with so little time to actually read a book or plan for a family trip.  I guess I really just have to be more patient and enjoy what I have right now because as they say when you have babies, the days are long but the years are short.

Anyway, my longing for books and travel inspired me to make a simple craft project  – a bookmark and a bag tag. I really do need a bookmark right now because it’s so hard to remember where I left off after reading when I suddenly have to set the book aside because my baby woke up from his nap crying (#mommyproblems). And the bag tag? Well, the idea of it just gets me excited. It makes me feel giddy that we can travel soon.

Check out my video tutorial on how I made the bookmark and bag tag, which are both laminated. And take note, I didn’t have to use a laminating machine (#crafthacks).

Of the two projects, I really like the bag tag the most. I like how the colored page peeked through the paper cutout of my name. It looks fun and really personalized 🙂 But I’m hoping I’ll be able to attach it to a luggage bag soon.

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DIY Glitter Frame Decor with Adult Coloring Pages

Adult Coloring Books are a big thing now. Aside from unleashing your inner creative self, it allows you to relax and somehow forget about the worries of this world as you dive into a page that’s slowly coming into life with color.

I did get into the craze. I have a couple of coloring books at home…which I don’t really get to color that often because of the craziness that is of being a mom (which is not so bad, really). So when I get the chance, which is usually during my son’s nap time, I go for it.

Then an idea suddenly popped in my mind. What if I use these coloring pages for some art and crafts project? I felt that leaving those colored pages to dust after you’ve enjoyed them is somehow sad. After some brainstorming, I finally started on my DIY projects with adult coloring pages. The first one is a very easy DIY home decor that allows you to display your favorite colored pages.


Watch this video to see how I made this 🙂

Isn’t that fun and easy? You can even just use an ordinary frame if you want to leave out the glitter. I also like that you can change the colored pages as often as you want and add some inspirational quotes on it. 🙂

Let me know in the comments section below if you’ve tried this out. I will be posting more DIY projects with coloring pages in the next few days so stay tuned!